Branch fee for tax payment from Friday


As of this Friday taxpayers will have to fork out between 1.10 and 1.50 euros for every transaction conducted at their bank’s counter to pay their dues to the state.

The commission banks will charge for the payment of taxes will be higher if the payment is in cash (i.e. without using a bank account held in that bank) compared with the that for tax through a bank account. Up until now, the state shouldered the commission so that making tax payments was free of charge for taxpayers.

Banks will define the new tariffs in the coming days, but it is certain there will still be no charge for payments of taxes via e-banking, mobile banking and ATMs so as to bolster the already growing online transactions trend.

Last year, out of the 50 million payments made for various taxes and duties, 32.5 million (or 65 percent) were conducted over the counter. However, this has already changed with data for this year showing that 40 percent of tax payments were made at branches, 50 percent on e-banking and 10 percent via mobile banking.