Greeks still skeptical of 5G features


Almost all Greeks (92%) understand that fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks will bring great changes to their lives and the economy. However, more than half (six out of 10) fear that the advent of 5G will have consequences on their health due to electromagnetic exposure, according to the findings of a survey by Accenture.

Titled “Fuel for Innovation: Greece’s race to 5G,” the survey also showed that businesses in Greece acknowledge the competitive advantages of this new technology, but do not know yet how to make the most of it, as they have not understood in full the changes 5G can bring to reforming enterprises. In their great majority (82%), businesses said they require specialist support in order to understand and plan possible applications of 5G on their work.

Companies also doubt the efficiency of 5G, as only 44% of corporations in Greece believe that the new generation networks will be indeed be 100 times faster than 4G.