Greeks struggle as inflation hits 25-year high

Greeks struggle as inflation hits 25-year high

High energy prices are driving decades-high inflation numbers across Europe and the world, adding additional financial stress on governments, businesses and households.

In Greece, inflation is at a 25-year high and price increases for many basic food items are in double digits. Greece’s government has taken steps to help households deal with rising costs, introducing subsidies, tax cuts and other temporary measures.

Energy and fuel prices are showing no signs of easing, however, increasing the likelihood that Greece could see more inflationary pressures in the near future.

Given its social impact, inflation is now also at the heart of the political debate in Greece.

Nick Malkoutzis joins our host Thanos Davelis to discuss the challenges of inflation in Greece, the government’s response, and how rising costs are dominating the political debate.

Malkoutzis is the co-founder and editor of the economic and political analysis site Macropolis.gr, and is the co-host of The Agora podcast, which examines political, economic and social developments in Greece.