Pregnant refugee in Lesvos facing arson charges after self-immolation


A pregnant 26-year-old Afghan woman in Lesvos is facing arson charges after she self-immolated in the island’s temporary camp last Sunday (Feb. 21) in protest to the news that she would have to wait more time before travelling to Germany.

The woman, who had been granted refugee status, had arrived to Mytilene with her two younger children and was scheduled to travel to Germany on February 17. She was told, however, that she would have to cancel her trip temporarily, as she was already in her eight month.

On Sunday morning, she took her two children out of the tent they lived in and set herself on fire in protest.

The woman was transferred to the hospital in Mytilene where she is being treated for her burns, but her life is not in danger.

She is expected to be led before a prosecutor on Thursday.