MP calls on Justice Ministry to scrap article that could enable underaged marriage


A lawmaker of ruling New Democracy has called on the Justice Ministry to scrap an article of civil law that allows the conditional marriage between a minor and adult, stressing it is blatant human rights infringement, especially of women.

MP Thanos Plevris said that the article in question stipulates that the court can, after hearing the bride and groom and the persons exercising custody of the minor, allow the marriage even before the age of 18, “if there is an important reason.”

This provision, Plevris said, could allow the exploitation of minors and marriages between adults and minors without any age restrictions.

“In fact, it should not be overlooked that the brides are primarily minors who may be forced to make a statement due to pressure from their family or social environment, especially in certain population groups or closed societies,” he said, asking the ministry if it intends to amend the article.