Sixteen arrested over Tuesday’s clashes with police officers in Athens suburb


Sixteen people have been arrested after the clashes between police and protesters on Tuesday night, following a march against police violence in the Athenian suburb of Nea Smyrni.

One of the suspects is facing charges of attempted manslaughter in connection with the violent beating of an officer of the DIAS motorcycle-riding unit. The officer was injured in the head and remains hospitalized, though his life is not at risk.

According to information, the 22-year-old suspect went to a police station after the clashes to report that his wallet had been stolen at the scene of the attack. Officers found that there were contradictions in his story and after further investigation they identified him as one of the suspects.

The other 15 arrestees are facing a series of charges including attempted bodily harm, attempted serious bodily injury, violence against officials, disturbance of the peace, arson, manufacture and possession of explosives, damage to foreign property and violation of laws on weapons, ammunition, and explosive devices and violation of measures to stop the spread of disease.

A total of 10 officers are injured in Tuesday’s clashes which started after more than 5,000 people marched through the densely populated residential area to protest the beating of a man by police officers last Sunday (Mar. 7) during regular checks for the implementations of health measures.