Suspects in policeman’s beating jailed pending trial


Two men, aged 30 and 23 years old, accused of being part of a group that attacked and seriously injured a motorcycle patrol policeman last Tuesday will be jailed pending trial, an examining magistrate and a prosecutor decided late Saturday.

They are accused of attempted murder. They both denied the charges.

The 30-year-old, a Greek citizen of Iraqi extraction, is allegedly the person who sprinted across a square and brought the police officer, a passenger in the last of a line of motorcycles on patrol, down and started attacking him first before he was joined by a crowd. He claimed he was at work far from the location of the incident at the time and refuted the allegations of a 57-year-old acquaintance who had claimed he saw him on the spot. 

A 22-year-old who, like the two other suspects, gave a deposition Saturday, was let go, as his involvement in the beating was not proven; he still faces charges stemming from the clashes that occurred with police at a protest against police violence. He must present himself regularly to a police precinct, cannot travel abroad and had to post a bail of €1,000.