Armed Forces involved in several joint exercises


The Hellenic Armed Forces are busy conducting joint exercises with allies.

On Saturday, the joint exercise of Hellenic Air Force fighter planes and Saudi Royal Air Force F-15s concludes after eight days, and the Hellenic Armed Forces are already focusing on much wider-scale maneuvers in Thrace that include parts of NATO’s annual mega-exercise Defender Europe.

In coming weeks, large armored vehicle maneuvers will take place in Thrace: Considerable US forces are already deployed on the ground.

Defender Europe 2021 will involve several NATO members on a field stretching from the Aegean Sea to the Baltics.

In the past few days, another joint exercise has been taking place, in the areas of Attica and Larissa, this time involving special forces from Greece, North Macedonia and the United States. Joint exercises with North Macedonia are becoming more frequent.