Police make two drug busts in Lamia and Thessaloniki


Police in Lamia in central Greece dismantled a hydroponic cannabis plantation and identified three suspects who are also believed to be implicated in the attempted murder of a supposed rival in August last year, in the area of Amfikleia.

According to a police bulletin issued on Saturday, the three suspects formed a gang that raked in an estimated 120,000 euros from the illicit drug trade.

Officers seized 59 cannabis plants from the hydroponic nursery, as well as 2 kilograms of cut marijuana, 51 grams of cocaine, eight cellphones and a tablet, three cars and 1,200 euros in cash.

In a separate drug bust announced by the police on Saturday, a 46-year-old bookshop owner was arrested in the northern port city of Thessaloniki.

Among other evidence, officers found more than 10 kilograms of marijuana hidden away on the premises of his business.