Survey shows Covid vaccine gaining ground as lockdown fatigue grows


The coronavirus vaccination is gaining some traction among Greeks who appear increasingly eager to see lockdown measures being lifted, a survey by Pulse on Monday showed.

According to the survey, which was conducted for Skai television, 61% of respondents “definitely” plan to have the shot compared to 59% at the start of the month. Moreover, 82% are generally in favor of the vaccine against 80% on March 1 and just 16% are opposed to it today, compared with 18% at the start of the month.

More people are also calling for a further easing of lockdown measures, at a rate of 35% today from 24% a month ago, with 34% being in favor of small extension of restrictions pending a re-evaluation of the data (from 39% on March 1) and 17% in favor of an extension “for as long as it takes” (from 29%).

Retail commerce is the first activity that needs to reopen for 42% of respondents, followed by schools for 30% and travel between regions for 14%.

Respondents were almost equally split over the government’s management of the health crisis, with 47% saying the administration is doing a good job and another 47% saying it is not. As far as the SYRIZA opposition’s response to the pandemic is concerned, 62% of respondents took a negative view, as opposed to 30% who had a positive opinion.