Written citizenship exams set to begin on Sunday

Written citizenship exams set to begin on Sunday

The new system for the naturalization of foreign residents through written exams begins on Sunday. 

A total of 2,465 people have registered for the first exams to obtain the Certificate of Knowledge Adequacy for Naturalization (PEGP).

Most of the candidates are of Albanian descent, but people from Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and a few from Pakistan and India will also take the exam. There are even a few from the US and Australia.

Candidates will be examined on their knowledge adequacy of the Greek language through the comprehension of text and writing. They will also be asked to answer questions on the history of political institutions, geography and culture.

According to ministerial decision, foreigners requesting Greek citizenship must have an annual income of 7,800 euros (equivalent to the salary of an unskilled worker) for a minimum of three years before submitting an application.