Hardalias to visit island in lockdown on Thursday


Deputy Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias is heading to Kalymnos on Thursday where he will be briefed on the development of the pandemic on the island.

Kalymnos has been under lockdown since May 5 due to a rise in coronavirus infections. Under the measures, residents are only be allowed to leave their homes for workplaces that remain open, to visit the doctor or pharmacy, to walk their pets or for supermarket shopping until 6 p.m. The lockdown expires on May 24.

The aim of the visit is to coordinate local bodies ahead of the reopening and as the tourism season begins.

Hardalias will be accompanied by the general secretary of health services Ioannis Kotsiopoulos and the president of Emergency Aid Service (paramedics) Nikos Papaefstathiou.