Industrialist Constantinos Angelopoulos, 76, dies in Athens


Greek industrialist and shipowner Constantinos Angelopoulos died in Athens on Monday aged 76.

He had suffered from a rare form of arthritis from a young age that had gradually impaired his mobility.

Angelopoulos was a son of founder of Chalivourgiki, Greece’s first steel foundry and works, Panagiotis Angelopoulos and brother of Theodoros. The company was closely associated with the course of the country’s economy and the construction of major infrastructural works in the 1950s.

After completing ASOEE, the current Athens University of Economics & Business, he continued his studies in Switzerland before getting involved with the family business.

He also ventured into the shipping industry, and was the managing director of Arcadia Shipmanagement Co Ltd, which he ran with his sons Panagiotis and Giorgos.