Minister announces changes in school curriculum


Workshops that were piloted this year in 218 schools across the country – in subjects such as robotics, volunteering, entrepreneurship, sex education and road safety – will be integrated in the school curriculum in the new academic year, Education Minister Niki Kerameus said Thursday. 

Speaking to Real FM radio, Kerameus referred to a change in philosophy so that schools also focus, apart from the transmission of knowledge, on the cultivation of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, empathy and teamwork. 

“All these topics are being included in the compulsory school schedule from kindergarten to high school,” she said. 

Moreover, as of September, she said children will attend kindergarten from the age of 4 and will also be taught English. 

“I will say it as I feel it: why should activities be done in English only at private kindergartens and not in every public kindergarten in the country?” she asked. 

Also from September, the number of experimental and model schools will be doubled to 112.