Unvaccinated workers will not face the ax, says government spokesperson


Dispelling speculation to the contrary, government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni insisted on Friday that unvaccinated workers will not be sacked.

“The prime minister clearly set the framework in Parliament last Tuesday. It concerns health workers and employees in elderly care units,” she said during her daily briefing of reporters.

The government, she said, is awaiting the opinion of the Bioethics Committee to make its decisions, “weighing things with the required social sensitivity.”

“This is a lively debate, it concerns other countries as well, all views are being tabled,” she added, while also noting that it is now accepted that there is strong evidence showing an improvement on the pandemic front.  

“There is already a de-escalation in the number of cases, a drop in the transmissibility index, a reduction in hospitalizations and intubations of our fellow citizens,” she said.