Announcements expected Monday on benefits for the fully vaccinated


The government will make announcements on Monday about the benefits-privileges of those who complete their vaccinations, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Saturday.

“It is not a question of privileges. It is a question of logic. When you decide not to get vaccinated you are more at risk. If you have decided not to be vaccinated, we must take measures that will protect you from your choice,” he told Mega channel, adding that these measures will concern indoor areas.

The government wants to propose these benefits as incentives for more people to get vaccinated. 

Some benefits are already in place, with employees who have received their second dose being exempted from the self test required to go to work. They also do not have to quarantine if they come in contact with a confirmed case and they can travel to the islands without a test.

Any measures will be debated over the summer and the final decisions will eventually be implemented in the fall, when people return indoors.