Unvaccinated officers a ‘huge issue’ in efforts to build immunity, minister says


The percentage of unvaccinated police officers in Greece is a big problem for the government’s plan to build immunity, Alternate Interior Minister Stelios Petsas said on Thursday.

“It is a huge issue which undermines the credibility of [police] checks to a great extent and creates reactions among the citizens who are being checked,” he told Skai TV, adding that he is in favour of mandating inoculations for security forces.

“I have said many times in the past about several categories of public sector workers who are in contact with citizens that this needs to be addressed.”

Skai reported that the current vaccination rate stood at 60-62% among officers.

Late August data seen by Kathimerini put the number of vaccinated officers to just 58% in the Hellenic Police (ELAS).

ELAS is the main body tasked with enforcing the various health restrictions imposed by the government and its officers come in close contact with the public.