Vaccine skeptic politician in critical condition


Vasilis Leventis, a politician and former MP, is in a critical condition at an Athens hospital suffering from Covid-19.

Leventis, 69, had been suffering for some days but he was put on a ventilator Saturday night as his situation worsened.

“Vasilis Leventis is waging a big, crucial battle. We hope he pulls through, but things are quite difficult. The next 2-3 days will be difficult…We are fighting to stabilize him,” Giorgos Boulbasakos, head of the Pneumonology Unit at Evangelismos Hospital told TV station Mega.

An engineer by training, the Leventis was a long-time marginal figure in politics, who became well known for his TV shows, often punctuated with angry tirades. In 1992, he founded the Union of Centrists and, after many unsuccessful attempts, managed to enter Parliament in September 2015. He was not reelected in 2019.

Leventis was not vaccinated and he was a vaccine skeptic. He is suffering from an underlying condition.