Crete earthquake caused changes in ground elevation of up to 14cm, say scientists


Monday’s 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Arkalochori, in Iraklio on Crete, caused changes in the elevation of the landscape of up to 14cm, the National Observatory of Athens announced on Thursday.

The Observatory’s Center of Earth Observation Research and Satellite Remote Sensing (Beyond) based its land deformation calculations on data from the European satellite Sentinel-1.

The earthquake had a depth of 10.4km and its epicenter was 1km southeast of Arkalochori, the Observatory’s Geodynamic Institute said. Seismic activity has continued since the quake.

The land deformation changes will be confirmed in the coming days when new calculations become available.

Meanwhile, engineers continued to survey buildings damaged in the earthquake. Of the 1,844 houses examined to date, 1,331 were deemed uninhabitable.