Acrimony over teacher evaluations persists


Despite a court decision Monday that the teachers’ strike called by Greece’s largest public sector union, ADEDY, is illegal, there was no letup in the confrontation between the Education Ministry and education federations that responded with a mass rally. 

The Athens Court of First Instance ruled yesterday that the strike and abstention of teachers from evaluation procedures announced by ADEDY on behalf of the primary teachers’ federation (DOE) and the secondary school teachers’ union (OLME) was illegal. “The announced strike has an indefinite duration, the court considers it a ‘political’ strike, which is illegal and abusive, as it attempts to undermine the right of the state to legislate,” it said. 

The ministry said yesterday the evaluation procedures have already started. Government spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou said 6,100 schools have submitted evaluation files. “Teachers understand the importance of evaluation,” he said.