Repeat shots for Johnson & Johnson vaccine next week


With health authorities grappling with a resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic, people, regardless of age, who have already been inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, will as of Friday, November 5 be able to make an appointment for a repeat shot provided there has been a two-month gap since they received the first dose. 

These shots will be either the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or an mRNA vaccine (initially by Pfizer, although Moderna will soon be included). The booster dose for those who received Johnson & Johnson is expected to increase their immunity, at a time when the highly contagious Delta variant has completely prevailed amid a new surge in the epidemic.

Indicatively, confirmed daily cases jumped to 4,165 Tuesday, while 25 deaths were also reported. There has also been a significant increase in intubations, with 380 patients Tuesday, compared to 354 on Monday.