Mother of man murdered in 2012 appeals, seeks location of body


Nine years after the abduction and murder of her 26-year-old son, the mother of Marios Papageorgiou testified again in court on Thursday in the hope that his body can be recovered.

Varbara Theodoraki was testifying in the context of the new investigation being carried out by judicial authorities into the involvement of other persons in her son’s murder.

Papageorgiou was last seen as he was driving out of the town of Diakofto in the Peloponnese region of Achea in August 2012. His kidnappers demanded a €620,000 ransom from his mother the next day. The kidnappers were arrested two months later, but Papageorgiou’s body was never found.

One man, now in his late 70s, is serving a life sentence for his role in masterminding the murder.

However, the court ordered the continuation of the investigation in the role of nine others after evidence for their involvement emerged during the man’s appeal against his murder conviction.

After providing her testimony, Theodoraki said she wanted to find out what happened to her son’s body. Her lawyer expressed the hope that at least one of the nine new suspects will talk to the authorities.