Omicron 2 and flu could delay return to normalcy

Omicron 2 and flu could delay return to normalcy

The gradual prevalence of the Omicron 2 sub-variant of the coronavirus, the delayed reappearance of the flu that had almost vanished since the spring of 2020, and the easing of measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 could threaten to delay the return to normalcy, health experts have told Kathimerini.

Patients infected with the Omicron 2 experience more severe symptoms, and especially a high fever that tends to last only 24 hours. The frequency of such infections rose steadily at the end of February, amounting to 6.4% of cases of the Omicron variant. By March 10, the percentage had exceeded 25%, while in some areas of the country it has now reached 50%.

The average number of overall daily coronavirus cases has increased by 32% compared to a week ago.

“The only thing for sure is that we have not yet gotten rid of Covid-19,” the experts told Kathimerini.