A return to tradition will characterize the future of entertainment in the country, with paper tablecloths regaining lost ground, according to Nikos Tsakalos, editor in chief of Athinorama magazine. Bars will once more be bars, after the lounge style of the last few years (diffused lighting, sofas and 1970s music) that reduced them to the feeling of airport lobbies. Eating out has seen the increasing growth of an explosive mix – good, original food in bar environs, with music an essential ingredient for success. This tendency is expected to continue for quite a few years. Myconos has been a sign of the times since 2001, with taverna food to loud music. The Psyrri phenomenon is likely to stay confined to that area. Whereas the restaurants and bars there manage to have customers even on weekdays, most establishments in the capital work chiefly on Fridays and Saturdays. The same applies to music clubs, therefore unusual double bills are set to continue as acts join forces.