Up to 14,000 civil servants to leave public sector

Up to 14,000 civil servants — either close to or at retirement age ? are leaving Greece’s public sector on Monday as the debt-wracked country tries to reduce spending and red tape.

Some 10,000 civil servants who would have been liable for retirement in 2013 are being moved into the labor reserve — which means that they will receive 60 percent of their regular salary for the next year.

Another 3,000 to 4,000 state sector employees who have reached full retirement age are set to retire immediately.

Also, surplus staff on open-ended contracts — who are occupied at one of the 36 soon-to-be merged or abolished services and who are two years from retirement — are also being moved into the labor reserve scheme.

The aim of the measures is to reduce state workload to a half and curb waste and time-consuming bureaucracy.