Bus, trolley bus drivers to be able to sell tickets in bid to deter fare-dodging

As part of a government initiative aimed at averting fare-dodging, bus and trolley bus drivers in Athens are to start selling tickets for 1.50 euros – 30 cents more than the standard charge for buses and trolleys and 10 cents more than the usual fare for tickets offering access to all modes of public transport.

The tickets, which commuters will be able to use on all modes of transport, including the Athens metro and the tram, will not be available at a reduced rate for students, who usually pay 60 cents to travel on buses and trolley buses.

The initiative is the latest bid by the Development Ministry, which covers transport issues, to crack down on widespread fare evasion and raise some much-needed revenue. With drivers selling tickets, commuters will not be able to claim that they were unable to acquire their tickets, ministry sources said.