Head of IKA in Rethymno charged with bribe-taking

The director of the main branch of the Social Security Foundation (IKA) in the Cretan port of Rethymno has been arrested for taking bribes, breach of faith and violation of duty, reports said on Friday.

According to a local investigation, the 55-year-old IKA director exploited his position to delay the clearing of pensions and benefits with, allegedly demanding a fee to speed up the process.

A Rethymno prosecutor had ordered a preliminary investigation into alleged blackmail by the suspect last November following a complaint by an elderly lady who claimed he asked her for 500 euros to accelerate the process of disbursement of benefits for her sister.

Working with IKA employees, police arrested the 55-year-old after finding banknotes, which had been pre-marked by IKA officials, in his possession.