More witnesses come forward with damning claims against Golden Dawn

Two more witnesses have come forward to give details about how Golden Dawn operated and providing evidence that implicates two of the party’s MPs who have yet to be charged.

The ex-Golden Dawn members gave evidence amid secrecy after the name of another party dissident was leaked last week. One of the witnesses claims to have been a former member of the armed forces and part of the party’s “hard core”. He claimed there was a plan to target rapper Pavlos Fyssas and that this had the approval of local MP Panagiotis Lagos and leader Nikos Michaloliakos. Both men were remanded in custody last week.

The witness also claims to have been trained at a boot camp by a Golden Dawn MP that has yet to be charged. He alleged the existence of hit squads that were under the control of Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris.

Among the other allegations made by the witness are that Michaloliakos had ordered the murder of two former Golden Dawn members and that the party used a private tuition school in Pangrati, Athens, to recruit young members.

The second witness alleged that while he was a member of Golden Dawn in Corinthia, he knew of attacks on immigrants by party members and that another party MP had hidden an unspecified number of guns at an abandoned monastery.

He also alleged that police were present at one of the attacks on migrants and not only failed to act but were laughing at what they say.