Education minister reassures students, parents over transfer ruling

Education Minister Andreas Loverdos sought to assure thousands of parents on Friday that their children’s university transfers are not being threatened by a recent court decision.

The Council of State decided to suspend this month the transfer of students to the architecture departments at universities in Athens and Thessaloniki following complaints from teaching staff. The court is not due to rule on the measure allowing such transfers until February.

In the meantime, Loverdos took to the airwaves on Friday to assure students at other universities or departments that their academic years are not at risk.

“Whatever transfers have happened so far have happened,” Loverdos told Athina 984 FM. “There will be no turning back for universities or departments that have completed the transfer process.”

Loverdos added that there would be “complications and delays” at any departments appealing against the measure introduced by the government this summer, which has seen some 10,000 students transfer to universities closer to home. The government relaxed restrictions to help families cover the cost of studying.