Pioneer greenhouse

The greenhouse constructed by the students of the 1st Alexandroupolis TEE could well be described as a most comfortable home for plants. For the project titled «Alternative Sources of Energy for Heating Greenhouses,» the students of the departments of agriculture and the environment, and electrical engineering, have used some of the most cutting-edge technology available in their fields. An automatic watering and sprinkling system, automatic timers and brightness controls for the lights, an automatic system for opening and closing the roof according to the temperature, not to mention solar panels on one side of the roof, are a few examples of the technological benefits which this project has presented. The environmentally friendly greenhouse also has solar-powered heating, a wind-powered generator and a photovoltaic frame. Every piece of equipment has been wired to a central control panel. The students and teachers involved in the project argue that the greenhouse is not only environmentally friendly but also significantly decreases the cost of fruit and vegetable production – compared with those that are heated using gasoline or natural gas. The icing on the cake is a burglar alarm (not only with sirens but with the added threat of the sound of barking dogs) that the students have installed on their own initiative.