IMF official denies Fund held seminars for local reporters

A spokesman for the International Monetary Fund said over the weekend that the Fund has never held seminars for Greek journalists, responding to a query by Deputy Minister of State for Coordinating Government Operations Terence Quick and essentially refuting claims by a former Greek representative to the IMF.

In a letter in response to Quick, Gerry Rice said the IMF has sponsored a fellowship program since 2006 that allows “small groups of journalists” to attend the IMF’s spring and annual meetings but that “only two journalists from Greece” have attended.

Quick called on those two journalists to speak up and asked the Athens and Greek journalists’ associations, ESIEA and POESY, to reveal whether the IMF has asked them to sound out reporters for interest in the Fund’s sponsored programs.

Panayiotis Roumeliotis, Greece’s former envoy to the IMF, has claimed that Greek journalists attended IMF “seminars.”