Greek seamean call new 48-hour strike to protest pension reform


Greek ferries are to remained moored in their ports on Friday and Saturday after the union representing the country's seamen called a new 48-hour strike in a continuing protest against the government's plans for pension reform.

The seamen's union, PNO, is to convene on Saturday to decide on the course of their action which has included a series of strikes over the past month. A decision has already been taken for the union to join a nationwide general strike on February 4 in protest at the planned social security reforms.

PNO’s action is expected to put more pressure on Greece’s eastern Aegean islands, which have received thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers from Turkey in recent days.

The general secretary of the union, Yiannis Halas, condemned the government in a statement on Friday, saying that the authorities have offered no response to the sector's demands for concessions.