Minister calls on citizens to exercise caution against fires


Citizens’ Protection Minister Nikos Toskas on Tuesday issued a plea to the public to be particularly careful of engaging in any activities that could spark a forest or brush fire.

Speaking on the ANA-MPA news agency’s radio station, Toskas warned that while temperatures will be dropping slightly this week after a weekend heatwave, winds will be picking up across the country, increasing the risk of fires.

“The fire risk index is very high so we urge citizens to respect the rules of the General Secretary for Civil Protection and to exercise caution,” Toskas said.

The minister cited the example of Cyprus, where a huge wildfire believed to have been sparked by a boy playing with a lighter has razed dozens of hectares of forestland and led to the death of two firemen.

Civil protection authorities warn against any activities in the outdoors involving fire such as campfires, barbeques and brush burning. They also warn smokers not to discard their cigarettes carelessly in areas where they could spark a blaze.