Vassilis Stefanakos released from prison


Long-term convict Vassilis Stefanakos was released from prison last week, after serving 8 years, under an early release law passed last year by a previous SYRIZA-led government.

Stefanakos was sentenced to 21 years and three months behind bars for his involvement in a murder committed by Alket Rizai in 2006 as well as assisting in the escape of Rizai and fellow convict Vassilis Palaiocostas from Korydallos Prison in 2009. Stefanakos also received a 14-year sentence for his involvememt in other criminal activities. He is also believed to have forged ties with members of Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire guerilla group.

Stefanakos was recently named as one of the alleged attackers of former defense minister Akis Tscochatzopoulos at Korydallos Prison. He has denied any involvement in the attack.