Divorce made easier, but not skipping on child support

Divorce made easier, but not skipping on child support

Couples seeking a divorce by mutual agreement are able to do so with less hassle thanks to a new law published in the Government Gazette.

Law 4509/2017 allows both parties to dissolve their marriage in person or via a legal representative through a notary, without having to appear in court before a judge.

While going easy on unhappy couples, the law cracks down on errant parents, with stricter penalties for violations such as delays in paying child support – which is now punishable with a prison sentence of up to one year – or failing to comply with the visitation schedule agreed between the two parties.

It also demands that all questions of custody and financial support of underage children are settled before a divorce can be granted.

In order to dissolve a marriage conducted at a Greek Orthodox church, the couple will need to present a prosecutor’s request for divorce to be granted to their metropolitan church.