Poll shows ND maintaining solid lead, more Greeks warming to jab


Governing New Democracy still has a double-digit lead over SYRIZA, a public opinion poll released by Pulse showed on Thursday. It gave the center-right party a 39% approval rating, against 23% for the leftist opposition, though both parties slipped one percentage point compared to Pulse’s December 12-16 poll.

Center-left Movement for Change and the Greek Communist Party (KKE) gained half a point each, with approval ratings of 7.5% and 6.5% respectively, while right-wing nationalist Greek Solution and far-left MeRA25 stayed put at 4.5% and 3%.

Pulse’s poll was carried out by telephone on January 25-27 and its focus was on the health crisis, with 58% of respondents expressing concern about the new coronavirus variant and 39% saying that the further easing of restrictions is “probably” or “completely” unlikely anytime soon. The survey also showed an interesting shift with regards to vaccinations, with 74% saying they will “definitely” or “probably” get the jab, against 67% a month earlier.

On Greek-Turkish ties, just 17% believe recent exploratory contacts will help improve relations, while 59% said Joe Biden’s election as US president will be positive for Greece vis-à-vis Turkey.