Return of Laliotis or Papantoniou?

A lot of people say PASOK needs to open up. Do you think that invitations should be sent to [former ministers] Costas Laliotis and Yiannos Papantoniou? Costas Laliotis is one of the founding members of PASOK. He retired voluntarily from politics and naturally needs no invitation to return if he wishes. Yiannos Papantoniou was expelled for some statements Papandreou deemed damaging. He is still in PASOK. When we make the overture that I consider necessary before the elections, we must also think seriously about the case of Papantoniou. How do you see the increasingly frequent appearances of [former PASOK leader Costas] Simitis and the fact that he recently criticized parties for avoiding difficult decisions for fear of the political cost? I agree completely with Simitis. It is just as he says. If I find it hard to go further, it is because during his second term of office I wrote at least five articles on the same subject, but I was criticizing his performance as prime minister.