Bather found safe after days

A 43-year-old man, missing since Friday after going for a swim off Alyki, near the town of Aigion in the northern Peloponnese, was found alive and well a few kilometers down the coast yesterday after drifting for more than 48 hours. The unnamed man, who was exhausted but unharmed, told authorities that he had allowed the tide to carry him because strong currents had kept him from swimming to shore. The 43-year-old was discovered by three swimmers who spotted him off the coast of Akrata, near the mouth of the River Krathi. The bathers alerted rescue services who transported the 43-year-old to the nearest medical center for first-aid treatment. The Merchant Marine Ministry had launched a sea-and-air search on Friday evening after relatives of the 43-year-old reported him missing. Last Friday, there had been particularly strong winds in the area, creating the strong current that prevented the 43-year-old from returning to shore after his swim.