Venizelos ends row in PASOK

PASOK deputy Evangelos Venizelos has backed down in his dispute with party leader George Papandreou and revealed yesterday that he will not press on with his plans to create a think tank within the Socialist party. The Thessaloniki MP called Papandreou and told him that he was abandoning his scheme to form a group within PASOK to promote ideas and policies. Sources said that Papandreou told Venizelos he viewed this as a «positive» move. The party leader issued a statement later saying that he was «satisfied» with the decision as the creation of the think tank could have raised «questions about the unity of PASOK.» Venizelos said that he was setting aside his plans in order to maintain party unity. «I am once again taking the initiative to defuse the situation,» said Venizelos. «If someone has to back down then let that person be me if it ensures that the party will be united.»