Mourning wife admits to murder

The wife of a 57-year-old man, who went missing last summer from his native village of Dotsiko, near Grevena in northern Greece, and who had issued tearful televised appeals for him to be found, has now admitted to killing her husband and burying him with the help of her children, police revealed yesterday. The 52-year-old allegedly admitted to fatally injuring her husband on July 16 last year after hitting him over the head with a plank of wood, following an argument about their children in their second home in Dotsiko, which they had been visiting on summer vacation from their permanent base in Germany. The woman allegedly told police that she attacked her husband in self-defense after he raised an ax toward her and her children. According to police, the woman claimed to have moved her husband’s body the following day, on July 17, to a small warehouse in a nearby village with the help of her children, an 18-year-old youth and a 20-year-old girl. The next day, on July 18, the 52-year-old buried her husband’s corpse in a remote spot near the village with the help of her children, according to her testimony as conveyed by police. A few hours later, the woman is alleged to have visited the local police station and announced that her husband had been missing since July 16. When asked why she had waited two days to come forward, she is said to have told officers that her husband had disappeared for a couple of days during their visit to Dotsiko the year before that and she had not worried initially. Following her husband’s disappearance last July, the woman had returned to Germany and had appeared on television appealing for the 57-year-old to be found. Greek police, who have continued their investigation over the past year, called her and the children to testify again a few days ago, after learning that the family was back in Greece, and reportedly extracted confessions from the woman and her son, who led them to the spot where the 57-year-old victim was buried.