PIF: Delivering innovation in treatment options and disease prevention

PIF: Delivering innovation in treatment options and disease prevention

Everything points to the fact that continuous research, innovation, and the application of cutting-edge treatments contribute in building a better future for human health. Thanks to innovative approaches to disease treatment, increased life expectancy is now possible. Living longer, healthier and more productive lives, of improved quality, has a positive impact on patients and their caregivers.

Ambitious investment programmes by biopharmaceutical companies – half a trillion euros only in the last decade – in the research of new treatments and medicines shape a  future brighter than ever before. Today, around 8,000 new drugs are under clinical investigation and in development stage. Out of those, around 74% are likely to become first-ever treatments in the fight against multiple infectious diseases or different types of cancer. 

At the same time, researchers are able to utilize new cutting-edge technologies enabling them to redefine the limits of therapeutic or preventive intervention. New disease management techniques, considered beyond imagination just until a few years ago, are now successfully applied.

A good example is the application of gene therapies based on the detailed study and mapping of genetic material, which allows the development of individualized drugs and enables physicians to precisely adapt treatments to patient needs. Meanwhile, immunotherapies deploy the body’s own immune system in the fight against several diseases, including many different types of cancer. 

The benefits of innovation in Greece

According to a recent study, pharmaceutical innovation has resulted in increased life expectancy by 10.4 months in Greece, contributing 44% to the total increase in longevity achieved over the period 1995-2010. 

At the same time, the positive effects of innovation go beyond individual health to assist healthcare systems and society more broadly. New treatments reduce mortality and morbidity, cutting down on the demand for emergency facilities, hospitalization and surgery, and helping to achieve significant savings in healthcare costs.

PIF Greece

The non-profit organization PhRMA Innovation Forum Greece (PIF Greece) stands for pharmaceutical innovation in Greece. It represents 25 leading pharmaceutical companies united under the common goal of promoting faster and broader access to innovative treatments for patients in Greece. These companies partner with the Greek authorities to contribute to the creation of a high-quality healthcare system. PIF Greece’s main goal is to contribute to the prosperity, growth and international competitiveness of Greece. 


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