Fighting tax evasion

Tax evasion is one of the major problems plaguing Greece and requires a zero-tolerance stance if it is to be eradicated.

The country?s international creditors and their representatives — known as the troika — have provided Greece with all the help they can on a technical level as well as know-how from countries which have long solved the issue of tax evasion.

What is absolutely amazing in this case is that local state organizations often refuse this kind of aid, trade unionists fight against it by hiding behind the anti-memorandum mantra, and politicians are weary of the political cost attached to it.

In the meantime, the tab is picked up by Greek citizens who pay high taxes and pensioners and public servants whose pensions and salaries are being slashed.

It takes political courage and strength to deal with tax evasion and, considering the circumstances, the Hydra incident was handled appropriately.

The country cannot tolerate tax evasion, in the same way that it does not tolerate theft.