Fighting the violation of public land

I was so glad to read the letter from Merlie Papadopoulos (June 27) regarding planning and infrastructure in Greece. I, as a foreigner, have no right to criticize your country, but as one who has visited Greece several times a year for over 40 years I have been so saddened by the increasing violation of your spectacularly beautiful country that I feel moved to write and support the views expressed by a Greek. Your own regular coverage of the unscrupulous expropriation and exploitation of public and forested land; the less-than-honest behavior of public and private individuals and organizations; the inability or unwillingness of public bodies to enforce laws and regulations – all these are making some parts of your glorious country into a nightmare mixture of theme park and junk yard. There are so many people in your country who love and appreciate the land that is their heritage that it is sad that fellow citizens and reckless foreigners exploit it for selfish reasons and personal profit. Indignation and grumbling is surely not enough. FABIAN MOYNIHAN, via e-mail.