Readdressing the issue of pensions

The fact that Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has decided to readdress the thorny issue of pension reforms during a pre-election period is a positive step. This is a burning issue, a problem that must be solved. Demographic developments in this country plus the various anachronisms of the system (most pension funds still do not have a comprehensive computerized data system) make it imperative for a solution to be found for a problem which, everyone agrees, is a scourge for social cohesion. The best scenario would be if our political parties were to commit to bolder moves, rather than simply combating income tax evasion, and more realistic solutions than the voluntary integration of funds. Unfortunately, tackling the issue of pensions entails a cost, so what we need is for society to agree on how this cost will be apportioned. This is the issue on which our political parties must take a stand, rather than focusing solely on who will reap the benefits of such reforms.