January 25, 1958

STATE REFINERY: Just before noon yesterday, there was a meeting of economy ministers right before a Cabinet meeting. Both sessions, chaired by Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, dealt with the way the state petroleum refinery should be managed. Finally it was decided that the solution of greatest benefit to the state would be to lease the refinery for a period of 10 years to the Petroleum Transport, Trade and Refinery Company, set up by Stavros Niarchos, his associate Bodosakis-Athanasiadis and an American company. The Hydrocarbon firm, which designed and constructed the plant, is to be in charge of the technical running of it. The Cabinet’s decision is to be submitted to Parliament for approval. CYPRUS: Nicosia, 24 – Calm prevailed throughout Cyprus today after the most recent incidents between Greek-Cypriot leftists and rightists. The island’s governor, Hugh Foot, continued his tour of the island, visiting Greek and Turkish villages, and issuing appeals for the restoration of order. Foot, according to the Cypriot labor federation that is controlled by the leftists, is to have talks with them tomorrow about the recent incidents.