Where has the real news gone?

One can truly admire the uniqueness of Greek television these days. No other European country has news bulletins focused on a single story that look and sound more like a debate taking place at the local cafe than what the rest of the world considers proper current affairs coverage. How can it be that serious TV stations spend 40 minutes straight on the Zachopoulos case without having any new developments to report? We have reached the point where the prime minister’s official visit to Turkey, the first by a Greek premier in almost 50 years, is slotted in just before the sports update. Yesterday, we saw the story of the near rift in the opposition party being ranked second-to-last on certain news bulletins. The protagonists of the television cafe may believe that they are doing something extremely important, but a large section of the public, of every political affiliation, is becoming enraged at the manner, the ethics and priorities of television news.