July 15, 1958

TURKISH CYPRIOTS MURDERED: Nicosia, 12 – The governor of Cyprus, Sir Hugh Foot, and the two leaders of the Greek and Turkish communities on the island, Nicosia’s Mayor Themistocles Dervis and Rauf Denktash respectively, issued a joint appeal to the people of Cyprus today to end the bloodshed. Meanwhile this morning five Turkish Cypriots traveling in a bus were killed by unidentified assailants using automatic weapons near the village of Kondea, about 15 miles from the main road between Famagusta and Nicosia. In the same attack, another three Cypriots were injured. The bus was coming from the Turkish village of Sida, about 22 miles from Nicosia, when it was fired on in an ambush at a crossroad. The attackers managed to escape. MINOTIS: The final performances of this year’s Epidaurus Festival are to be held tonight and tomorrow with Sophocles’ tragedy «Oedipus Rex» (tonight) and «Oedipus at Colonus» (tomorrow), directed by and starring Alexis Minotis. ELIAS XVI: The comedy «Elias XVI» is to premiere tonight at the Park Theater while another comedy, «How Love Happens,» will begin a run at the Perroquet Theater.