February 5, 1959

REACTIONARIES AGAINST FRANCO: Madrid, 4 – Three liberal monarchists were arrested today as suspects in the reactionary movement. After a five-hour interrogation, they were released. Their arrest was not announced in Spain. Last Thursday a rich industrialist, Joaquin Satrustegui Fernandez, lashed out at the Franco regime during a dinner attended by 87 officers, lawyers, writers and others, including an official representative of the police. Members of the movement against Franco are speaking openly against him as they believe that they will be more successful if they bring their struggle out into the open. The new movement has followers across the spectrum from the extreme right to the left. Government officials said they did not attach any importance to the new movement. MANOLIS GLEZOS: Twenty-five British MPs headed by Barbara Castle have sent a telegram to Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis asking him to release Manolis Glezos and allow him to be tried by a civil court. BOXER LAMBRINIDIS: London, 4 – Greek professional boxer Takis (Ed. note: or «Thanos») Lambrinidis defeated Trinidadian Gus Harry in Cardiff tonight. Harry abandoned the fight in the fourth round.