February 4, 1959

AMERICAN PRAISE: George McGee, the representative of a US committee examining all aspects of US military and economic aid, left Greece for Ankara yesterday after a three-day visit. Before leaving, McGee issued a statement that his talks in Athens with Greek and US officials had indicated that there had been «amazing» progress in Greece over the past few years. «I also had the opportunity to find out certain facts about the problems Greece is facing today. As one of those who had been responsible, 12 years ago, for organizing initial US aid programs for Greece, I am aware of the long road the Greek people have traveled since those terrible days of 1947. Although I am satisfied because efforts to provide American aid have contributed to that growth, praise is due solely to the heroic Greek people and their armed forces for the massive improvement that has been made in all sectors. I am leaving Greece with a renewed faith in its role as a bastion of the free world.» FANFANI: Rome, 31 – Amintore Fanfani today resigned as the leader of the Christian Democrats, which have ruled Italy since 1946. His government, comprising an alliance of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, had already resigned.