Study suggests Greeks would prefer electric cars

Study suggests Greeks would prefer electric cars

Greeks are warming to the idea of electric mobility as a recent international study has shown a high degree of willingness to purchase a plug-in vehicle.

More specifically, according to the “EVs & Sustainability” edition of the annual Mobility Insights Report by LeasePlan in cooperation with global research firm Ipsos, Greece is the third most positive about the switch to electric vehicles out of the 22 countries that participated.

The survey released at the beginning of the month showed that 84% of Greek drivers regard electric vehicles favorably.

As for their actual intention to use an EV, 80% were positive, 44% said they were almost certain to switch to one and 36% that they were likely to do so. Sixty-seven percent said that the main reason for getting an EV is the low operational cost, while environmental benefits were also cited. However, a major obstacle for Greek respondents remains the cost of purchasing an EV.